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Rampage Modelling Agency | About us

Rampage Modelling Agency has 20 years professional experience in the industry and offers comprehensive and well-disciplined training in Rampwork, Total grooming, Poise & Deportment, Photographic Model training, Castings & TV Training, Make-up, Skincare & Nail Care.

Why Rampage Modelling Agency?

• We train our models according to accepted international norms and standards, utilizing the latest theories,
   techniques and practices.

• We believe that true beauty comes from within and therefore strive to develop an acceptance with each
   model for the special person that he/she is.

• We provide our models with the skills required to be successful, enhancing the qualities of each model,
   without altering the uniqueness of each individual.

• We believe in high moral and ethical standards, and will therefore not expose our models to questionable
   practices or influences.

• Training provided to all models will be equal, regardless of race, age or gender.

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